Reviews of Products of China

China is the largest and most innovative retail eCommerce market in the world, and this is used by online stores and is valid because they are in charge of choosing the best products that are in trend and that people need, in addition to streamlining the process and delivery, since these stores have the necessary stock to supply their customers.

That's why at we set out to find for you the best products from thousands of online stores and from the reviews of satisfied customers who have bought them.

With a forecasted compound annual growth rate in double digits, online retailing is expected to grow from 17% of total retail sales in 2020 to 45% by 2020. The current scale and growth trajectory has made eCommerce a top three strategic priority for most retailers and brands. But more importantly, China’s eCommerce market offers a glimpse into the future of global retailing.

China, today, is characterized by mobile-first consumer behavior, vibrant social commerce adoption, and a ubiquitous digital payments infrastructure. In addition, the market is fiercely competitive. Local and international brands compete for consumer’s attention and wallet share, the internet giants race to build broad digital ecosystems to strengthen their existing network effects, and well-funded start-ups redefine the customer experience. Only the most innovative survive in this dynamic retail environment.

In some ways, the future sounds familiar as eCommerce remains the clear growth story. In the past, however, capturing this growth typically meant the transactional elements of activating online channels, optimizing merchandising, and investing in traffic generation. Yes, these core tenants still apply but China’s eCommerce market is a constantly moving target, and we are now entering an era of experience-led commerce. As the lines between eCommerce, mobile and social have blurred, so will we see a broader convergence between online and offline retailing.