6 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick


We have done a product search on video recording in general, and our best rating is for this device, as it is the most economical and functional for selfies. We also found buyer reviews of many online stores and they have a 5-star rating.

manuel - Best selfie stick with Bluetooth button for traveling or just creating content.

Well let me start off by saying this is one of the best selfie stick and to have it come with a Bluetooth button that also detaches is a plus . I just went to Vegas and let me tell you with Covid going on and you don't want anyone holding on to your phone this is great and best of all it also a selfie stand also. I would highly recommend this product to any one from teens to adults .

Sam - So far impressed.

Only used a couple times so far but has preformed well and easy to use remote button with Bluetooth connection. I was impressed with all the lighting feature options.

Aubie822 - Unashamed selfie stick love

I upgraded my old selfie stick to this guy, and whoo hoo! Look, there ain't no shame in my selfie game. But it also just makes it easy to snap quick photos and less shaky videos. The tripod on this guy was great for family shots! The remote did not work at long distances, which was the only disappointing part (and by long distances, that's anything over about 5 ft). But the tripod made up for it when used with a timer.

Greegor - Better than expected

It’s nice to have a selfie stick and tripod all in one. It was a nice surprise that it came with a blue tooth remote to trigger the shutter.

This thing has been great. From using the tripod to take pictures at family get-togethers to hiking and selfies. No longer have to awkwardly ask strangers. Seems sturdy but I try not to push it. Super compact and it really holds the phone. It only holds the phone one way (landscape) though. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

A. Wright - Extremely Satisfied with Purchase

I wasnt sure what to expect in terms of quality but was very pleasantly surprised. The grip holds your phone very securely. The plastic is very sturdy and the metal pole doesnt bend or wobble. I absolutely love the tripod feature and the bluetooth camera button. I think it's cool how the button stores in the stick itself so you dont have to worry about losing it. My button came with a battery installed + another one for spare.

The only con I can think of is that this clip will only hold your phone landscape style and not portrait, but so far that hasnt been an issue for my calls or pictures like I thought it might.

Sarah Renner - Definitely a good buy!

I actually really like this selfie stick. The light is really bright and makes the pictures look really good! It's adjustable and it can also be used as a tripod. Definitely a good buy

laura silvestri - Great upgrade

I had an old selfie stick, this one is the best. The remote always works and the functions cover all types of marketing strategies

Thays Costa Oliveira Rezende - Compact and Easy to Use! Great for moms who want to be in family photos 😉

This little selfie stick is easy to use and is very compact when folded up so I can always carry it with me. LOVE that it also doubles as a tripod too so we can get great family shots of large groups! The Bluetooth remote control (which can be removed when using it as a tripod) is soo helpful. Especially with three kiddos and needing to take MULTIPLE photos to get the right shot. LoL! Great for moms who want to be in family photos! As the mama, I am usually the one behind the camera taking the photos. But having this with us, I can get lots of family shots on our vacations. 😄

Alex D - Easy to use

I have never been a selfie stick person usually have others take pictures of me or my group. But needed one for a hiking trip to Yosemite it came in handy the bluetooth took a little bit to connect but once connected it's easy to use. I love that it can turn into a tripod also.

Melissa - Took this to NYC!!!! 🗽

It's so helpful for short people like myself. 😍Especially when I was at the top of the empire state building and I couldn't get close to the edge to see, and when I was on the big red tour bus, and the statue of Liberty!!!! I also used it for this beautiful sunrise from my hotel window. I woke up around 6am set it up and went back to sleep and let it go for like 2 hours, and woke up to this great time laspe video! *see the video attachment* 😁😁

I will say the tripod is not too sturdy when the wind is blowing even a little but I am looking forward to using it again & again. It's worth it.🤗

Anya C - Better Quality

I love the sturdier tripod! Much better quality for price 👌👏👍

So I had been trying to figure out what to use to take pictures for my business without having to hold my phone. So I decided on a selfie stick that had a tripod. This works so good, and is very sturdy. The remote control is very easy to use and everything was set up on the phone with in seconds.

Mario Martinez -

Little flimsy

This selfie stick is alright feels a little cheap but for its price it makes sense. Everything works good it’s easy to use, the only down side is the stand if your phones heavy and the ground is uneven and it’s windy it will fall over . And possibly damage your phone . Soooo for the stand itself I’d give that a 3 1/2 I probably won’t use it unless it’s indoors . Everything else weee good.

perkykid - Eventful Europe tour

First time in Europe and taking lots of memorable photos and videos would have been impossible without the selfie stick. We would have been at the mercy of strangers to take our photos together, and there’s no way of knowing who to trust. The stick was easy to pair with my iPhone and the remote came in handy. I definitely recommend this to anyone. I will also buy this again if I happen to misplace it.

Odysseus - Excellent selfie stick, especially at this price

It is mostly plastic, so you have to be gentle. However the telescoping stick part is thicker steel tubing than I expected. Quite sturdy! The spring-loaded clamp works well and holds my large Pixel 4XL securely, with a thick case.

Most impressive is the ease of setting up the remote trigger to activate the camera on my Pixel 4XL (running Android 11). No app is needed! Just pair the trigger via Bluetooth and it works. Couldn't be easier. Great trigger storage.

It's not six feet tall... Just about three feet or so. The tripod won't hold the stick up fully extended if there is any wind, but it will work well in many situations.

Over all, I'm very pleased with this selfie stick tripod. Folded up, it's very compact and light. If I carelessly break it, it's cheap enough that I'll just buy it again!

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Kadejah - Must Have

Takes better pics than a human and the Bluetooth detachable button allows you to take as many pics/selfie’s as you want without touching the phone this thing fits right in your pocket or purse it’s it’s a must have for vacations so you don’t have to ask ppl to take your group pictures it also has a chargeable selfie light with different shades

Sally pink - The best one

Omg I really love it, it’s so easy to use, easy to install, special the remote control, u can take it out N take a pic far away. We don’t need anyone take a pic for us, u can do it by yourself.