Camera Follower

We've done a product search on taking videos in general, and our top rating is for this gadget as it's the cheapest and looks extremely safe. We also found buyer reviews of many online stores and they have a 4.9 star rating.

Maria Ferguson - Does what it's supposed to do.

Perfect! It follows you with accuracy. And the price was worth it.

Tiffany Robinson - Worth the buy!!

This is pretty cool, I love how it follows you as you move side to side. Would recommend

Denise - Works great

Does what it says its suppose to do

Tanieka - Good

A good product and quality!

Josh S.- So far.

Real not bad for the price. Can buy 3 for the price of some others. IT HAS CONTINUOUS 360 ROTATION!!!!!

Elena - Love it

Love it

Carolina - Love it with my purchase

Love it with my purchase

Amoura - Great product for anyone

The stand is easy to use, tracks you as described, and fits many phone sizes. Good for someone on their phone a lot, or even vlogging/taking videos.

Rob Ferrara - Perfect !

Works just as advertised- easy to use

LauraI - love my 360

I love my 360 camera holder!!!

Tonya Piercy - I LOVE IT

I love it

lisa Williams - I love it!!!

I love it it gives everything its supposed to!!!

clara ortega - Auto tracking photo


Jerry - A fantastic solution for having my cell phone video follow me without a camera operator

This is a very nice and extremely handy addition to my video production gear. If I am shooting a video with my cell phone and I need for my phone to point at me while I move around, yet I am alone... This is a great solution.

The description says this has a 360 degree turning ability. In actuality, this has an almost infinite turning ability. It has no wires to twist so it can keep going past 360 degrees as many times as I need it to. I say almost infinite because it would stop once the battery went dead... Thus not infinite.

It can turn in both directions to follow the human subject, no matter which way the subject moves. The battery lasts quite a while in this tracker and is rechargeable. The tracker tracks humans. I have not had this tracker suddenly start tracking an animal or car/truck while I have been using it. It is very good at tracking a slow moving human. I say slow moving because, if I move faster than the Gimbal can turn, the tracker will lose me and just stop. I just have to keep that in mind when I am shooting a video. It has rarely been an issue for me. This easily mounts to a tripod but it also comes with a stand plate so it can also be placed on a desk, table or other flat surface.

I am very happy with this tracker. I am already getting a lot of use out of it. I rate it at 5 stars!

Manuel Esquivel - Sorpresa

Maravilloso este aparato, te sigue con fidelidad, no tiembla, sin ruidos

Melvin - Happy with my purchase

I’ve been needing one of these and glad I waited a little while and found this one. The price is great and it works as promised. It’s sturdy and well made.

May - Easy to set up and use

The auto tracking phone holder is easy to set up and use. Took it out of the box and screwed in the stand and pressed the on button. Purchased this to use when my daughter FaceTimes her grandmother in another state. It tracks her movement and moves the phone so she can be seen. My daughter can’t sit still always moving around. It does take some time to catch her movement lol since she moves so fast. So far it’s been useful when her grandmother wants to see her.

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