The Jewelry Box

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Pandora Logsdon - Organization plus

The one thing in the world that fits everyone is jewelry. I have tried tackle boxes, plastic drawers, and hanging bags. None or those work in keeping my jewelry organized and easy to find. The bottom I put seasonal jewelry, jewelry sets and small keepsakes. The top my everyday jewelry. It is sturdy and nice looking. It would be great for a gift.

T. Nelson - Finally a grown up jewelry box

I'm 50+ years old and I was still using the one I had as a teen. This box is very nice. It has lots of sections to hold a variety of jewelry. It *can* hold long necklaces if you tuck them in the pouch, but Im still using a slim wall hanging one for those. Other than that it holds everything. The material is very nice. It seems well constructed. I am very happy with it.

john bell - Great value

Great product for the price! Lots of compartments to provide organization... materials feel pretty sturdy esp compared to the felt covered product by this same company. Hoping this holds up well. Felt inside very soft.

Joanna - Perfect

Very nice case, is not cheap looking at all, has pretty good space for all my jewelry. The outside of the box is also very pretty to leave pot on my vanity

Laura - Like all of the compartments

I ordered this one and the one with the glass top. This one seemed to offer more compartments that I needed for necklaces and bracelets. The clasp is not as sturdy but since it will be staying in the safe, it serves its purpose.

The little felt tabs "hooks" to hang necklaces do not offer very long spaces - so okay for thin short necklaces or ones easily doubled but still thin- not clunk design necklaces as it would hit the top of the compartments and probably hinder the closing of the box.

NannyFakrus - Beautiful and spacious

I recently was given a family member's jewelry, and wanted an organizer to keep it orderly and separate from my own jewelry. I came across this one in my search and bought it immediately.

The outside of the case is a beautiful black leather, and the nesting compartments are very spacious. Lots of areas to store different sized pieces (pendants, earrings, pins).

Very pleased to have found a beautiful and affordable way to store these family pieces in a way that honors them.

Hannah - Elastic Band could be sturdier

I love how much jewelry this holds, I prefer to keep jewelry away and not on display. It is cheaper materials, but it is the quality I would expect for the price. The elastic pocket on the lid drooped more than I wanted when closing, so I just added adhesive velcro dots to keep it closed so the necklaces are more secure in place.

Prince the Goat - Great and simple jewelry box

Literally so perfect. I was looking at other simple jewelry boxes and so far this one is great. It’s pretty sturdy, simple, affordable, and there are many sections to organize your jewelry! Definitely worth the purchase

Karl Hirsch - Seems like good jewelry box for the price.

It seems nice, decently constructed, jewelry box. Just bought as a gift, for my girlfriend. I had ordered a very nice custom solid wood constructed box, which the local company making it for me, ended up closing due to covid. Granted, this is not what I was having made, but I bought this as temporary one, her original jewelry box was damaged during a move. Our anniversary was right around the corner, and it made her very happy to have a place to put her jewelry again. Price was right, multiple places and layers to put things in. No complaints so far. Dont think you would be disappointed with it. Has a lot of storage, and different spaces/places for many types of sizes shapes of things.

Debra Spencer - If you need to organize your jewelry, this is it!

I've been looking for months for the right box. I wanted something that had a variety of storage options. Something I could tuck in a drawer or place on a counter. This one does both. It's a quality constructed product. I picked black with the beige interior...beautiul

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